London Night Paintings

The space in the night pictures is flattened by the artificial lights and their reflections in water. They are more highly coloured and do not have the logical spatial progression that one sees in the daylight works.

Night Waterloo Bridge

Oil on board 91 x 61 cm 

Skate, Somerset House

35.7 x 34 cm

Summer night, Somerset House and the City

87 x 61 cm

Christmas, Somerset House

34 x 38 cm

Night, Westminster from Brettenham House

103 x 132.4 cm

Southbank Fireworks, New Years Eve

40.1 x 40.5 cm

Night, Waterloo Bridge and Southbank

60.8 x 72.6 cm

Night,Trafalgar Square from 5 Strand. 2006

132 x 88 cm

Night the Shard from 10 Queen Street Place

102 x 121 cm

Night, west from 10 Queen Street Place

103 x 132 cm

June night, The City from Bretttenham House

101 x 121cm

Crescent moon, West from Queen Street Place

102 x 143 cm

Night Parade Embankment 2009

23 x 41 cm