About the Artist

Peter Spens has concentrated on painting and drawing London since 1996. A retrospective of his major London works was held in the main Guildhall Art Gallery by the City of London in 2006. This bought together key pieces from his previous four Cork Street exhibitions along with a new series from 80 Strand.

Prior to his move to London, he lived and worked in France for ten years, where he painted the dramatic landscape of the Drome region of France, often including figures. It was there that his love of strong colour developed in tandem with large scale luminous drawings and monotypes.

The show Observatory in the autumn of 2008 featured a series from Tate Modern and a series from the Roof of Five Strand looking onto Trafalgar Square. In May 2008 the show ‘water, colour’ in Dover Street concentrated on a second series from the Shell Mex building, and a series painted around the Camel estuary. Click here to download Peter Spens full CV